Division of RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc.

ISP is a high-technology division of RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc., specializing in the design and manufacture of rocket motors, solid rocket propellant, gas generators and specialty propulsion devices for space, commercial, industrial and military markets. The division also provides research and development services to various government contractors.

The range of ISP products include guidance and control rockets, missile simulators, remotely piloted vehicle boost motors, parachute extraction motors, target propulsion motors, launch simulators and sounding rocket boosters. ISP also offers consulting services in the areas of propellant development, rocket motor design and analysis and regulatory issues.

ISP has the capability to design, analyze, manufacture and static test rocket motors up to approximately 40,000 lb-sec total impulse. Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing are used extensively in the design, analysis, development and manufacture of ISP products.

ISP management has extensive experience in the propulsion industry and has been involved in engineering, propellant development and manufacturing efforts on various programs including Minuteman, Peacekeeper, Standard Missile, Sidewinder, HAWK, SICBM and others.

Please see the ISP portfolio for details on the various products we have manufactured for our customers.